F5WC is committed to developing the football 5-a-side format globally and developing national pride and participation of all participating countries in the F5WC tournaments. To help it achieve this goal, F5WC invites influential, competent and well respected F5WC Country Partners to work with it in an advisory capacity as a member of the F5WC Steering Committee.

2018 Committee Members

Adam Fine

Adam Fine is the CEO of Fives Futbol. Fives Futbol has 13 national centres in South Africa, with plans for 8 more to open this year alongside a possible expansion into Zambia. Fives is also in partnership with Adidas, Debonairs Pizza, Total Sports, Klipdrift and other well-established brands.100+ jobs created thus far and 5,000 hours of soccer donated in 2017.

Adam plans to take Fives Futbol into Africa, and then the world, and in doing so createnumerous sustainable business frameworks across the developing world that benefit local communities and create jobs.

Adam’s words to live by are fittingly: “In Africa football is not a religion but is everything a religion should be”.

Emmet Switzer

Emmet Switzer is the president of the Minifootball Association of Ireland, and the operator of the largest 7 a side leagues there, inter7s.com.

He is also president of FIFCO Ireland, and FIFCO Spain, developing corporate minifootball in both.

Emmet also provides workshops at UEM Real Madrid in Madrid and Bangkok, teaching students about Socia Sport and entrepreneurship in sport. Emmet’s main work revolves around the development on ‘Socia Soccer’, a style of soccer that operates with no referees.

Gareth Matthews

Having an interest in sport for most his life and an entrepreneurial spirit, Gareth has a Sports Management Degree which he used to successfully to forge a business in sport.

He has two distinct areas of expertise, synthetic grass sports construction and a partner in a 5 a side football centre in Botswana. Super Fives Football Centre is the market leader in Botswana, they will be undertaking aggressive expansion plans for Southern Africa.

Gareth is also a good people person who enjoys travelling.

Leobardo Garza Garcia

Leo is the CEO of LegarSports and Gambeta 7. Bachelor of Law, graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, with a master’s degree in tax law from the same university.Within his professional experience, he has served as advisor to companies dedicated to the operation of soccer teams, both professional and amateur. He has organized several football and soccer tournaments for national and international tournaments for several years, in which he has grouped important companies, which are sponsors of professional football teams.

As a soccer player, he participated with the Tigres Club of the UANL, with which, to date, he maintains a close relationship. He also advises professional soccer players.

He is a graduate of the International Master of Business and Football Administration, which is taught by the Johan Cruyff University, and he actively works as a legal advisor and active litigator in the Sports Area.

He is a member of LRA Legal & Sports and is in charge of the Monterrey office of the firm.